We work internationally to serve youth with disabilities and families with programming that meets basic needs.

The Foundation supports efforts around the world that provide rehabilitative services to youth with disabilities, and provide families with basic needs such as clean water, and services that teach economic and social resilience.

The Foundation supports primarily Christian organizations that serve children and families in Africa, Central America and India in the following areas:

  • Chronic Health & Disability Services – focuses on programs that provide life-changing surgeries and therapies to children in Africa with physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Human Rights & Child Protection– focuses on programs that serve youth and families in India through efforts to end bonded labor and human trafficking.
  • Water & Sanitation – focuses on programs that provide youth and families in Africa and Central America with access to safe water.
  • Youth & Family Empowerment – focuses on programs that provide youth and families in Africa with enrichment opportunities, such as financial literacy classes and family counseling.

The Foundation considers applications for international grants by invitation only.

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grants made
million dollars granted
million dollars paid
India | $7,000,000
International Justice Mission – 2021

Multi-year funding to support innovations aimed at ending modern-day slavery in India.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | $5,600,000
CURE International – 2021

Funding for the expansion of and capital improvements to the CURE Children’s Hospital in Ethiopia.

Nicaragua, Uganda & Zambia | $1,700,000
Living Water – 2021

Funding to provide sustainable, safe water solutions in Uganda, Zambia and Nicaragua.

Kenya | $370,000
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – 2021

Multi-year funding to support the conservation of wildlife throughout northern Kenya.

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