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Come back March 2 to apply via our new application portal.

The Foundation accepts grant applications through our online portal. New applicants should first submit a letter of inquiry to see if their organization might be a fit. Read below for more details on all steps of the grant application and reporting process.

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Create an
Online Account


An account is required to submit an application. If you are a first-time applicant, click the Apply Now button. On the sign In page click on New Applicant?. Set up your account with an email and password. You will receive a notice by email confirming your account and password. Your email and password are required to login for future applications or reporting.


Submit Letter
of Inquiry

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry is optional. If you are unsure if your grant request is a good fit for the Foundation a Letter of Inquiry is a way to share your grant proposal with the Foundation in an abbreviated format. A Foundation staff member will review your Letter of Inquiry and get back to you within a few weeks with guidance about submitting a full application.




An application is required for the Foundation to consider a grant request. The application is designed to gather a narrative about your organization and the benefit that it brings to its constituents. The application is the basis for determining if your grant request is a fit for the Foundation’s priorities. You must be a non-profit organization to apply.


Grants are

If a grant request is a match for the Foundation’s priorities then it will be brought to the board for consideration. If the board approves a grant you will be notified of the Foundation’s decision. When you receive notification of funding you will also be informed of grant terms and when to expect payment.


Opportunity to
Report on Grant


The Foundation desires to stay informed about the work that our grantee organizations are accomplishing. With each grant there is required reporting on the outputs and outcomes that the grant helped accomplish. Receiving reporting from grantees helps us to be a more effective funder and gives us the opportunity to hear your stories of impact.

frequently asked


What types of organizations does the Foundation support?
The Foundation distributes grants only to qualified public entities or organizations exempt from tax under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
What types of programs does the Foundation support?
The Foundation is guided by its mission statement and funding priorities. The funding areas of the Foundation are Animal Welfare, Child Welfare, Mental Health, Youth Disabilities, and Youth Experiences. By invitation the Foundation makes International grants.
What are the financial guidelines for a grant request?
As a guideline, the Foundation typically will not fund more than 25% of a project’s budget or more than 10% of an organization’s total annual operating budget.
What are the deadlines for grant applications?
The Foundation accepts grants applications throughout the year. However it is a good idea to submit an application at least 4 months before the funding is needed.
What types of grants does the Foundation fund?
The Foundation will fund general operating expenses, requests for specific programs or projects, and capital requests.
What will the Foundation not fund?
The Foundation typically does not make grants to underwrite fundraising events, scholarships, professional conferences, symposiums, performances, competition expenses, or to fund endowments.

The Foundation does not support lobbying of any kind. The Foundation does not support other private foundations or commercial businesses.

The Foundation does not make loans or grants to individuals.
What geographic region does the Foundation fund in?
The Foundation makes grants to organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and adjoining counties. Most of our grant go to agencies that work in underserved communities in this regions.

The Foundation supports select international organizations by invitation only.
Is a letter of inquiry required before submitting a proposal?
A letter of inquiry is not required, but one may be sent if there is uncertainty about a grant request being a match for the Foundation.
Are grant requests required to be in a particular form?
All grant requests must be submitted through the Foundation’s online application.
Can a meeting be scheduled to discuss a possible grant request?
Preliminary meetings are discouraged due to time constraints and the volume of applications that the Foundation receives. The process begins by reviewing an application or letter of inquiry. If the staff determines that a meeting or site visit would be beneficial, you will be contacted.
How often are grant requests considered by the board?
The Foundation’s board typically meets eleven times a year to consider grant requests.
How will I know if an application has been accepted or rejected?
All applicants will receive written communication regarding the disposition of their application. Grant requests are typically processed within 3 to 4 months after an application has been received.
If the Foundation approves a grant request, when can payment be expected?
Upon approval, the Foundation will send a grant award letter and a grant contract which must be signed and returned. Before the grant is paid the contract must be signed and returned to the Foundation. Generally the contract will state the payment schedule and any conditions required before payment. If there are specific deadlines for a project, those deadlines will be clearly states in the contract. If there are conditions to the grant, which is typical of matching or challenge grants, notification must be made with reasonable evidence that the conditions have been met prior to payment.
If a grant request is declined when can another grant request be submitted?
Although a new grant request can be submitted earlier, the board will not consider a new request until 12 months after the decision to decline the previous grant request.
If a grant request is accepted, can another grant request be submitted?
Although a new grant request can be submitted earlier, the board will not consider a new request until 12 months after the decision to approve the previous grant request and a final report has been received by the Foundation.

New grant requests from an organization that has received a multi-year grant from the Foundation will not be considered until the grant term is complete and the final report has been received by the Foundation.
If a grant request is approved will I need to report on the grant?
Organizations funded by the Foundation must provide a full report of previous grant expenditures and outcomes of the grant.
I am a new organization and don’t have all the information requested. Can I still apply?
New organizations may submit a grant request. Include the most current information available in the application. Once the grant application is reviewed a member of the Foundation staff will contact you if additional information is required.
Should an organization wait to hear from the Foundation before applying to other foundations?
An organization should not wait. It is a good idea to submit applications to multiple sources of funding as doing so will improve the chances of raising funds.
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