2021 Q1

March 29, 2021 | Q1 Newsletter


Welcome to the quarterly newsletter from The Rees-Jones Foundation. This newsletter was specially designed for you – our wonderful grantees! We hope that you will find the information contained below both useful and interesting.

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth,
whatever you did for one of the least of
these brothers of mine, you did for me.'”

– Matthew 25:40

ABOUT THE NAME | We decided to name this newsletter 25:40 after the scripture from Matthew 25, which we as a foundation, draw inspiration from in our work. Through our grant making, we seek to deliver hope, resources, and support to those in our community who are in need. 


2021 – the Foundation is celebrating its 15th anniversary

Jan and Trevor established The Rees-Jones Foundation in 2006 out of proceeds from an entrepreneurial business enterprise and a conviction that God had blessed them as custodians of His resources.

For Jan and Trevor, the premise of the Foundation is straight forward: serve God by serving others, and in the process enable others to experience the love of Christ in very tangible ways.

“One of the blessings we enjoy is the passion of those who lead the organizations that perform the services needed by so many. We marvel at their energy, their dedication, their creativity and their ability to do so much with whatever resources are provided. We want to be their partners; we want to share their successes; and we want to be a support when they are stretched.

These leaders deserve all the credit although they too would be the first to say they do not work for the credit that comes their way. That is why it brings us so much joy to be their partners. They want to see improvement in the lives of the individuals served and in our society at large.

“Our thanks go to them as we seek to encourage them in the work they do.”

-Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones

Since 2006, The Rees-Jones Foundation has awarded more than $475 million through 2,280+ grants to non-profit organizations serving in North Texas and abroad.

Over the last 15 years, we, as the Foundation’s staff and board, have traveled far and wide – across the Metroplex and beyond our country’s borders – to witness first-hand the life-changing work of our non-profit partners.  

We give thanks for your continued dedication to the communities that you serve, and the hope that you instill in others.


If you were awarded urgent funding in 2020, please note that this urgent funding does not impact your eligibility to submit a new grant application*. You are eligible to submit a new grant application once your final grant report for your latest non-urgent grant is submitted. Grant reporting dates can be found in your grant contract.

If you have questions about eligibility, please contact grants@rees-jonesfoundation.org

*If an organization was awarded a grant, it will not be eligible to submit a new grant application until the final report is received for its current grant. More info can be found at www.rees-jonesfoundation.org/apply under FAQs at the bottom of the page.


The Foundation launched a new online portal on March 2, 2020. ALL organizations are required to create an account through the new portal in order to submit requests and grant reports. The Foundation only accepts requests through our online portal.

If you have not yet setup an account, please do so – especially if your organization is currently in grant term or had a grant term end in late 2019 or early 2020. Grant terms can be found in the grant contract.


The number one question we receive in regard to the grantee portal is about usernames and passwords – especially when it comes to resetting passwords.

TIP: When logging into the portal or requesting password resets, be sure you are entering your USERNAME. Your username is different from your email, and cannot contain the @ sign. 

TIP: Should you enter an email address or an invalid username when requesting a password reset, you will NOT receive an error NOR will you receive the email to reset – even though the portal says that an email has been sent to you. Regardless, if you don’t receive a password reset email within the hour (be sure to check your spam), please send a detailed email to grants@rees-jonesfoundation.org.

View the Grantee Portal Help Guide for more information about the portal, including the Foundation’s grant making process, FAQ, and detailed instructions for LOIs, applications and grant reports. 

Below are some additional tips to keep in mind while setting up an account.


  • We recommend using a generic username and email when you create your account to ensure that your team has uninterrupted access to the necessary requests and reports.

    • For example, if your organization has a grants- or development-specific email address such as grants@hogwarts.edu, we recommend you setup your account with that generic email.

    • In this example, your username could be “hogwarts” or “hogwarts-grants”.

  • With a generic login and email, you will not lose access to requests and reports if a staff member leaves, however, to help us correspond with the correct person, please let us know if a member of your team leaves or changes roles by emailing grants@rees-jonesfoundation.org 


  • Usernames CANNOT be in the form of an email address.
  • Usernames CANNOT contain the @ sign.


  • Passwords CANNOT contain your username.
    • You will NOT receive an error when setting up your account if your username and password match. You will receive an invalid username/password error when attempting to login, which will require you to reset your password. 
  • Passwords MUST be at least eight (8) characters, contain one (1) UPPERCASE letter, and contain one (1) number.
  • Example: if your username is “hogwarts”, your password cannot also be “hogwarts”. If you would like to keep your username and password similar, we suggest using symbols and numbers to act as the letters, such as “H0gw@rts”.

"But the needy will not always be forgotten,
nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish."

-Psalm 9:18


March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month

Features organizations that seek to highlight the importance of inclusive communities where everyone feels welcome, accepted, and loved for who they are | Read it now

How Public-Private Partnership Can Improve Out-Of-School-Time in Dallas

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"For I was hungry and you gave me
something to eat, I was thirsty and
you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in."

-Matthew 25:35



welcomes new CEO Ed Jamison, former Director of Dallas Animal Services


hosts Capernaum kids at its LoneHollow Ranch in the Texas Hill Country for the first time


opens the gates to its newly constructed covered arena


receives Service Enterprise Certification for its volunteer program


takes action to help individuals facing homelessness through its OurCalling app, which allows users to communicate to the organization in real-time when they see someone in need. Our Calling then dispatches volunteers to offer assistance.

"...but in humility consider others better than yourselves."

-Philippians 2:4


The Foundation awarded $4.2 million through 16 grants during Q1 (February and March). 

Below is a small representation of the nonprofit organizations that the Foundation humbly supported.

Beacon Hill

$50,000 | Funding for its in-school reading programs targeting children at 14 low-performing elementary schools in southern Dallas.

Center for Transforming Lives

$50,000 | Funding to support wrap-around services for children of low-income or homeless families.

Helping Restore Ability

$65,000 | Funding to support programming that facilitates in-home personal care for children with disabilities.

Jubilee Park & Community Center

$250,000 | Funding to support construction of the Jubilee Park Community Health Clinic, which will provide medical and mental health services to the community.

Metrocrest Services

$15,000 | Funding to provide healthy meals and snacks to children and youth who would otherwise be food insecure during the summer.

Paluxy River Children's Advocacy Center

$50,000 | Funding to support its Counseling and Family Advocacy Program, which provides counseling services to child victims of abuse.

Project Transformation North Texas

$100,000 | Funding to support summer and after-school programming for youth.

SafeHaven of Tarrant County

$100,000 | Funding to support PlaySafe, its wrap-around program that provides children with transitional housing, counseling, legal services, and case management.

Young Life

$150,000 | Funding to support its urban initiative, Capernaum and Young Lives ministries, which provide youth with Christian discipleship.

The mission of The Rees-Jones Foundation is to serve God
by serving others, sharing His resources in ways that provide
opportunities for the disadvantaged, relief for the suffering,
and encouragement in the growth and well-being of children
and families. In so doing, the Foundation hopes that the
love of Christ is experienced in practical ways by those served.

The Rees-Jones Foundation is a private foundation that works with non-profit organizations, primarily in North Texas, that provide programs that defend the welfare of children suffering from abuse or neglect, afford relief to those facing mental health challenges, provide youth with opportunities for enrichment and character development, encourage healthy families and communities, and promote the humane treatment of companion animals.
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