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Grantee Reporting Clarified
June 8, 2021

Grantee Reporting Clarified

What We Look For: Grantee Reporting

In the latest What We Look For blog series, we are taking a deeper dive into Grantee Reporting. Keep in mind that these posts are presenting generalities, and are not representative of all grants or circumstances. Should an organization have specific questions related to a grant, it should refer to its Grant Contract or contact its Program Officer.

About Grantee Reports

Each grant made by the Foundation requires a final Grantee Report, although some grants require additional interim reports. The Grant Contract will outline the number of reports and their due dates, the specific goals to be reported upon, and additional questions related to the grant and feedback on our grant making process. Grantee Reports must be submitted via the online portal.

Additional information related to the grant making process, the online portal, and step-by-step instructions for submitting a Request or Grantee Report, can be found on the Grantee Portal Help Guide.

Reporting on Goals

During the due diligence process, grantees will have the opportunity to discuss goals for their grants with their assigned Foundation Program Officer. The resulting final goals determined by the Foundation to be mutually important to learn from will appear in the grant contract.[i]

Instructions for completing the Grantee Reports as well as the goals to be reported on and additional report questions can be found at the end of the Grant Contract on the page titled “Instructions for Online Reporting”.

Tips for Reporting on Goals:

  • Utilize the narrative section to provide context for how the organization was able to surpass or meet its goals, or why it was unable to achieve its goals
    • Grantees should include what the organization did that was effective in reaching or surpassing its goals
    • Grantees should include what the organization would do to adjust programming or course correct operationally if it was unable to achieve its goal, and what the organization did when it became clear during the grant term that goals were unlikely to be met
  • Utilize the attachments section to provide additional information about the organization’s outcomes or to share how programming impacted the organization’s constituency
  • If the overall program included multiple components or ways that clients were served, explain or define each component and subtotal the number of constituency served
    • For example, if the grant was for the children’s program at a homeless shelter, and grant funds were used to support the child participants of the Scholar Hour program, briefly describe the Scholar Hour program and include how many participants were served through the Scholar Hour program

Reporting on Financials

  • Provide the organization’s year-to-date actuals for income and expenses for the program supported by the grant (line item detail)
    • If the grant was for general operating, provide year-to-date actuals for the overall operating budget
  • Note whether the grant has been expended in total for the purposes outlined in the original grant application. If it is apparent near the end of the grant term that any portion of the grant funds would remain unspent, the Foundation should be informed via written notification at that time. The Foundation is happy to discuss further options related to grant funds upon receiving such notification.

Instructions for Accessing Grantee Reports

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on Reports in the menu on the Grantee Dashboard.
  3. Click the Edit icon for the report you will be submitting.
  4. Complete the report and submit.

Please review the Grantee Portal Help Guide for additional assistance with accessing the portal or submitting Grantee Reports.

Timeline & Due Dates

The Grant Contract will outline Grantee Report due dates under the terms and conditions. Additionally, each Grant Contract includes instructions for online reporting, and grant-specific goals.

  • Some grants may require interim reports in addition to the final report, which will be stated in the Grant Contract – this is especially true for multiyear funding.
  • Some grants may require a submitted report before funding is released; this will be outlined in the Grant Contract.

Grantee Reports will become available on the online portal 30 days before they are due. Grantees should receive an email when their Grantee Reports become available, however, we strongly encourage grantees to keep track of reporting deadlines on their own should an email alert be delayed due to technology challenges.

Grantees should receive the following schedule of reminders via email:

  • 30 days before due date
  • 7 days before due date
  • 1 day before due date
  • 7 days after due date

If it is within the 30 day due date window, but a Grantee Report doesn’t appear in the portal, please contact Grants Manager Amy Brooks at

Grantees can request an earlier Grantee Report due date. To do so, please contact Grants Manager Amy Brooks by sending a detailed email to Such decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, and the Foundation reserves the right to decline such requests.

Lastly, grantees must submit their final report before a new grant can be approved. Due to this, an organization might not receive funding from the Foundation during the organization’s fiscal year depending on how the dates fall and grant terms align.


Hopefully this information is helpful as you begin the grant reporting process. Keep in mind that these posts are presenting generalities, and are not representative of all grants or circumstances. Should you have specific questions related to a grant, please refer to your Grant Contract or contact your Program Officer.

For more information about the grant making process, the online portal, or to preview the different types of applications and their questions, please visit our online Grantee Portal Help Guide, which is updated regularly. Also be sure to check-out the FAQ at the bottom of our Apply page for eligibility requirements and additional information.

[i] The Grant Contract states that, prior to signing the Grant Contract, grantees should review the grant-specific goals listed in the Grant Contract and promptly contact their Program Officer with any questions or concerns regarding the goals or the required reports. Therefore, grantees are expected to report on the goals outlined in the Grant Contract.

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