Grant Application Preview #2
February 21, 2020

As the Foundation rolls out a new application we want our grantees to be aware of new features that you will see. Some of these were previewed in the blog post titled Grant Application Preview 1 that was published on February 14, 2020. Below are some elements of the application that we want to elaborate on.

Grant Application Tab

  • Constituents Served – We want to hear about the people that your organization is serving. Our mission is to serve people, so we value having a good understanding of who your organization is focused on. One of the main things that we hope will be included in this section is narrative about the geographic, cultural, socio-economic, or other dynamics of your constituents that make your proposed programming or services the right fit.
  • Risk Management – Our highest interest is serving youth across a spectrum of settings. We believe that as youth engage in enrichment or therapeutic programming that they should be safe from any kind of abuse. If you are a youth-serving organization we want to hear and understand what safeguards and practices you have in place to keep youth safe.

Project Budget Tab
The project budget template is new for us. We constantly endeavor to understand what makes a good grant and grant amount to best serve your organization. Part of that effort involves understanding the revenues and expenses of a project. The budget template is meant to highlight the aspects of your project budget that fuel the programming. A word of guidance: read all the instructions on the tab before entering data into the budget template.

Grant Goals Tab
We are very excited about our new grant goals feature. This will enable you to enter into the application the metrics that you are tracking for your programming or services. We will continue to be collaborative in setting the final goals for a grant. As you report back, updating the metrics will be a more automated process. Our desire is to get the best narrative of what your organization is accomplishing. Again, a word of guidance: read all the instructions on that tab before entering data for the grant goals.

Organization Info Tab
The last thing we want to highlight is the Organization Info Tab. In our previous application a lot of organization information was redundantly entered into every application. The fields in the Organization Info Tab will be pre-filled with information that you provide at registration and with your first application. All of this information will be available for you to edit at any time when you login to your portal account. We encourage you to update organization information as it changes. Subsequent applications will have all of the fields pre-filled, and all you will need to do is check that the information is current.

This application is going to look and feel very different from our previous application. We anticipate that it will take some time to get accustomed to it, both for you and for us! We welcome feedback. You can send that to us through the “Contact Us” link.

The new application will be online on March 2, 2020. We look forward to receiving your application!

RJF_Grant Application Framework and Questions

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