Foundation Response: Additional COVID-19 Relief Funds Awarded
June 1, 2020

Monday, June 1, 2020

The Rees-Jones Foundation COVID-19 Response

Although the urgent funding application is now closed, The Rees-Jones Foundation remains committed to the North Texas community. The Foundation is continuing to accept general requests for funding as we transition to addressing the needs of the community in the long-term. Between March 23 and May 17, The Foundation received, considered and acted upon 136 requests.

The Foundation continues to work closely with the Board to ensure that request decisions are timely and based on the evolving needs of the community.

The Foundation has awarded the following grants:

Center for Survivors of Torture – $25,000

Their mission is to facilitate healing, ease transition into new beginnings, and foster hope in survivors of torture, by providing specialized services addressing their comprehensive psychological, medical, and social needs.

Funding will enable CST to expand their telehealth and counseling services by providing families that do not have access to technology with tablets and wifi. This access to technology will enable CST to continue providing trauma-focused therapy for refugees who have experienced significant violence in their home countries. Funds will also address the basic needs and food insecurity that many households are facing.

Chase’s Place – $35,000

Their mission is to support students in discovering their abilities, so that they might develop independence to their maximum potential, allowing them to live life to the fullest. Chase’s Place is a private school in Dallas that serves students with moderate and severe developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and neurological disorders.

Funding will support Chase’s Place as they continue to provide virtual supportive instruction and in-home physical therapy to students and their parents through the fall. Chase’s Place is incurring additional expenses as they provide in-home physical therapy to keep students progressing in their therapy plans and maintain their mobility and strength. Additionally, teachers are instructing students virtually, and helping parents work with their children. According to Chase’s Place, many families, especially the single-parent families, are struggling emotionally as they provide their children with the 24-hour care. To help parents cope, teachers are offering emotional support during this time. Funds will also provide tuition subsidy to families that are struggling financially as a result of COVID-19.

Cornerstone Crossroads Academy – $15,000

Their mission is to develop urban youth through transformative education, equipping future leaders to impact their communities for Christ. It is CCA’s desire that their graduates become independently functioning, productive members of the community who influence their families, neighborhood and communities for Christ.

Funding will support CCA as they seek to meet the personal needs of their at-risk students through the summer. CCA is delivering food, cleaning supplies and toiletries directly to its students and their families with a rented van. Funds will help with the costs associated with van rental, food distribution, and COVID-19 supplies.

Cook Children’s Health Foundation – $90,000

Their mission is to improve the health of every child in the region through the prevention and treatment of illness, disease and injury.

Funding will provide family assistance including lodging, meals, transportation and gas while a child is in care, and provide medical equipment the child will need once discharged for his or her rehabilitation and healing. With current economic concerns, more families with a higher level of need are asking for assistance. In March, despite reduced hospital surgeries and patient capacity, Cook provided families with twice as much assistance compared to March of 2019.

CURE International – $100,000

Their mission is to heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God. CURE’s vision is to provide compassionate, expert surgical care for children living with disabilities in underserved areas — transforming lives and communities through God’s hope and healing.

Funding will aid CURE’s robust COVID-related prevention across their hospital network in Africa. CURE is committed to providing expanded services during this time. Funds will help CURE purchase medical equipment, PPE, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, etc.

The Gatehouse – $15,000

Their mission is to empower women and children overcoming crisis to become permanently self-sustainable. The Gatehouse addresses barriers that keep abused, homeless, and economically disadvantaged women and children from mental, physical, emotional, and financial independence. The Gatehouse provides housing, food, transportation, childcare, medical and dental care, clothing, trauma counseling, legal aid, financial literacy, life skills training, and career development.

Funding will enable Gatehouse to continue providing essential services to their clients that are experiencing furloughs, job loss and reduction in work hours. Due to financial limitations associated with job loss, Gatehouse is helping its clients who are struggling to access household supplies, prescriptions, car insurance, gas and personal items. Additionally, funds will help offset expenses incurred as Gatehouse provides healthcare to their clients while the Gatehouse health clinic is closed.

Harmony Community Development Corporation – $70,000

Their mission is to advance God’s presence by strengthening families and revitalizing neighborhoods through community-driven and solution-oriented approaches. The goal of Harmony’s counseling center is to utilize the therapeutic process, grounded in biblical principles, to serve their clients as clients journey through difficulties.

Funding will provide community members with basic food needs as well as assistance with transportation, childcare, and payday loan recovery. The Harmony Resource Center is reporting 100 percent increase in the number of families seeking food and financial assistance. Funding will also aid the Counseling Center as it provides free counseling sessions to 50 families whose mental and emotional health has been impacted by COVID-19.

HOPE Farm, Inc. – $15,000

Their mission is to guide at-risk boys in becoming Christ-centered men of integrity. HOPE Farm is a long-term leadership development program that guides at-risk boys, without the benefit of a positive male role model in their homes, from the time they are 5-7 years old until high school graduation and beyond.

Funding will support Hope Farm as they deliver food, supplies, and DIY educational projects to their students each week. These drop-offs also serve as family welfare checks and allow HOPE Farm staff to make sure that students are keeping up with their schoolwork.

Jubilee Park and Community Center – $15,000

Their mission is to serve as a catalyst for comprehensive community revitalization and enrichment in Southeast Dallas. Jubilee provides educational enhancements through the highest quality afterschool and summer programs; helps families and other members of the community identify and access resources that help to provide stability and enhance their quality of life; and offers opportunities for parent education and involvement and aims to build community relations among diverse cultures.

Funding will aid Jubilee’s efforts to support the community during this time. Jubilee is providing additional food for families to fill the gaps of existing food programs, which includes distribution of meals to children twice a week; supplementing lost wages by providing emergency financial assistance for housing and utilities; serving senior citizens through food delivery and hot meal distributions twice a week; and providing supplemental enrichment curriculum along with DISD’s weekly lesson plans on paper to support academic learning. Additionally, Jubilee is providing meals and supplies to the police officers at the Jubilee Park Substation.

Living Water International – $500,000

Their mission is to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed safe water, and to experience “living water” – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Funding will support their services related to the prevention and spread of COVID-19 across Living Water’s Africa network. About 20 percent of the clinics located in rural areas do not have access to safe water. In response, LWI is installing hand washing stations and providing medical personnel with Personal Protective Equipment.

Recovery Resource Council – $35,000

Their mission is to promote wellness and recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders, and trauma. The Council has been serving North Texas since 1946 with a pathway to mental and behavioral health treatment services.

Funding will support virtual teletherapy and case management for their Enduring Families program that serves individuals who have given military service. Funds will also help RRC purchase Protective Personal Equipment as they make home visits to triage their distressed clients and families.

The Warren Center – $50,000

Their mission is to advocate, serve and empower children and families in Dallas County impacted by developmental delays and disabilities. Since inception, The Warren Center has provided therapy, resources, and education to more than 17,000 families in North Texas.

Funding will support their virtual therapy services for 1,680 clients through the summer. Some therapy provided by The Warren Center is reimbursable through Medicaid, but many children served are not Medicaid eligible or the specific therapy doesn’t qualify for reimbursement. Therefore, a majority of the therapy services rendered during this time will be provided free of charge. Funds will help offset this expense. Additionally, The Center is providing case management to all families and is helping them address basic needs such as food, clothing, diapers and financial assistance.

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