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Redeemer Launches Church Planting Project

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Redeemer City to City Launches Church Planting Project in New York

Based in Manhattan, Redeemer City to City works with a mission to expand the Kingdom of God in major urban cities through a trans-denominational network of pastors and church planters.

Redeemer City to City operates with the belief that God calls His people to be for the city, to love the city, and to serve the city in order to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-believing urban dwellers. Redeemer City to City believes this is done through urban church planting, training, leadership development, and content creation.

As both the birthplace and home of Redeemer City to City, New York City is one of its primary mission spaces for practitioners and leaders in the field of urban church planting.

Led by Dr. Tim Keller and formed by Redeemer City to City and Redeemer Churches & Ministries, The New York Project is a 10-year plan to resource the Gospel movement in New York City by helping to start 250+ new churches by 2026.

The Rees-Jones Foundation provided support for the training programs and the NYC Leadership Development Center, a state-of-the-art training facility for leaders, pastors and planters. This initiative seeks to empower and activate 1,320 church leaders and pastors, resulting in 85 new church plants across the five boroughs of the city in the next three years.

“The vision is to see more people come to faith and for all to experience a renewed city because Jesus is working and blessing the city through His people and His church,” said Margaret Rees-Jones, Advisory Board Member of The Rees-Jones Foundation. “Redeemer City to City believes this can be done through empowering pastors, laity, and leaders to love their communities and to act as servant leaders, enabling the church to be a strong witness for the saving grace of the Gospel as well as a broker of trust for the neighborhood.”

“In this light, the church engages with the healing. Pastors are encouraged and trained to take part in the ministry of justice by partnering with local non-profits, engaging with neighbors to meet their needs, and activating a body of believers to serve the neighborhood in tangible ways,” said Margaret Rees-Jones. “By entering into local communities, many of whom have suffered the hardship of poverty and injustice, Redeemer believes the local church, empowered and unified through the Holy Spirit, can bring lasting change and renewal to a community and to a city at-large.”

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