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Property Acquisition Expands Collaborative

Healthy Families


Community School and Family Village Possible Through Property Acquisition

Lumin Education is part of the original group of four non-profits that received funding in 2009 from the Zero to Five Funders Collaborative, which was created in 2006 to bring urgently needed help to one of Dallas’ most densely populated neighborhoods of children and families considered low-income. In 2015, with the Collaborative’s support, Lumin purchased a plot of land with the long-term vision of building a school.

In 2016 the Collaborative became an independent 501(c)(3) named Bachman Lake Together, which operates three modular buildings on the lot purchased by Lumin in 2015. The two organizations have come together to create an early childhood hub that serves the Bachman Lake Community, however, space is running out as both organizations continue to grow.

Lumin and BLT couldn’t believe their luck when the neighboring fast food joint closed and the property that occupied the southeast corner of their location became available for purchase.

Lumin’s 2015 dream of establishing a permanent school in the Bachman area was within reach. For BLT, the opportunity to create a permanent facility for co-locating other family-serving agencies focused on children was equally as exciting.

Upon hearing the vision, The Rees-Jones Foundation was eager to contribute toward the purchase of the lot, which will make possible the Lumin Bachman Lake Community School and Bachman Lake Together Family Village.

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