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Project Transformation

Youth Experiences

Photo Provided by Project Transformation North Texas.

Project Transformation North Texas

Through both the after-school and summer programs, Project Transformation North Texas (PTNT) provides mentoring, reading support, healthy meals, physical activities, spiritual formation, and ultimately, a safe place where everyone will find a sense of belonging.

PTNT credits the lasting impact of its after-school and summer programs to the strong relationships that are built between the participating children and the college-age young adults who serve as mentors every year. These mentors serve as positive role models and take an interest in the holistic growth and development of each child.

The multiplying effect of PTNT occurs as children grow up in the program, attend college or pursue a career, and return to their home communities with the PTNT commitment to transform.

PTNT has witnessed this cycle over 70 times with former participants returning to serve as young adult mentors in the program. This happens so often that PTNT has dubbed this group “Kid-to-Corps Members”.

PTNT knows that both children and young adults are facing increased mental health challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Depression and anxiety has doubled during the pandemic with 25 percent of youth experiencing depressive symptoms and 20 percent experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

The hope found in the mutually transformative relationships at PTNT is needed now more than ever, as one program participant recently described:
“A room full of joy and laughter, and automatically, you feel your spirits lifted when you are at Project Transformation. It is like all your outside worries are gone. It is a place where you feel loved and wanted by everyone, most importantly by God. I know this program has changed me mentally and physically for the better. We all created that family bond with one other. Every single one of us learned the importance of loving one another, loving ourselves, and accepting how much God truly loves us.”