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Young Life Opens Texas Camp

Youth Formation


Young Life’s First Texas Camp Welcomes Youth with Disabilities

Many children and youth with disabilities that participate in Young Life’s Capernaum Program were never able to attend camp because there wasn’t a camp located nearby. However, with the addition of Young Life’s new Texas camp, this is no longer the case for participants located in Texas and the neighboring areas.

The Rees-Jones Foundation provided Young Life with a grant to complete ADA upgrades to LoneHollow Ranch, the camp recently purchased by Young Life. These improvements will make attending camp possible for youth with disabilities.

Located 94 miles northwest of San Antonio in Vanderpool, LoneHollow Ranch is the first Young Life camp located in Texas, making it easily accessible to youth located throughout the state.

With Phase I construction completed in early 2021, LoneHollow Ranch welcomed participants from the San Antonio Capernaum Program for the first time. In addition to hearing the Gospel and participating in worship, campers experienced a number of firsts, including canoing through open waters, fishing, and even conquering the giant inflatable slide on the lake.

Young Life has additional plans for the 2,800-acre camp, now referred to as “the Texas camp”, to better improve access for youth with disabilities.

In addition to ADA upgrades, The Rees-Jones Foundation contributed to the camp scholarship endowment, which makes attending camp possible for all regardless of their ability to pay.

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