We work to support Christian discipleship, cultivate character, develop healthy life practices, and expand the scope of opportunities for youth.

The Foundation supports access to formative, Christian experiences, such as out-of-school-time (after school and summer) programs, camp, and mentorships, for youth in order to cultivate character, develop a healthy lifestyle, and expand opportunities available to them.

The Foundation supports organizations that provide youth with a range of activities that offer academic assistance, enrichment opportunities, and healthy lifestyle outcomes.

The hope is for youth to have experiences that instill moral character, introduce a Christian world view, and develop qualities of a Christian servant leader, such as humility and integrity.

The Foundation’s focus in youth experiences is primarily to:

  • Encourage Christian discipleship among youth
  • Create opportunities for moral and ethical character development
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grants made
million dollars granted
million dollars paid
Dallas, TX | $150,000
Young Life Dallas – 2021

Funding for the Urban Young Life, Capernaum, and Young Lives Programs, which all seek to create access to Christian discipleship for teens and children.

youth formation
Dallas, TX | $1,000,000
Behind Every Door – 2021

Funding for the purchase and renovation of the Cedar Crest Community Center, which will serve those living in southern Dallas.

youth formation
Dallas, TX | $35,000
Frazier Revitalization, Inc. – 2021

Funding to support the after-school and summer programs that provide students with homework help, academic tutoring, and intensive reading instruction.

youth formation
Dallas, TX | $900,000
Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America – 2021

Multi-year funding for the maintenance and upkeep of the Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp.

youth formation
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