We work toward mental and behavioral health in our community by expanding access to mental health services for children and youth.

The Foundation works to expand access to mental and behavioral health services for children and youth by supporting organizations that provide counseling and therapy to families at the local level.

The Foundation supports organizations that provide traditional and nontraditional therapies with an emphasis on trauma-informed care and measurement-based care. Additionally, the Foundation is interested in early diagnosis of mental health disorders through the integration of screenings performed by a child’s primary care provider during annual check-ups.

The Foundation supports organizations that provide counseling and therapy in community-friendly, easily-accessible spaces. The Foundation also seeks to partner with organizations that provide therapeutic services to individuals coping with more complex mental health conditions.

The Foundation’s focus in mental and behavioral health is primarily:

  • Utilize measurement-based care for treatment of depression and other mental health conditions
  • Access to mental health care in diverse settings such as schools and primary care providers
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grants made
million dollars granted
million dollars paid
Dallas, TX | $175,000
Center for Integrative Counseling and Psychology – 2021

Funding to support the Partnerships for Accessible Counseling and Training (PACT) Program, which provides those in under-resourced communities with mental health counseling services.

youth mental health
Dallas, TX | $5,000,000
Parkland Foundation – 2021

Funding to expand access to behavioral health care for children and youth living in under-resourced communities throughout Dallas County.

youth mental health
Dallas, TX | $100,000
Los Barrios Unidos Community Center – 2021

Funding to support the integrated behavioral health program, which identifies mental health conditions in children and youth, and provides on-site, immediate care for identified conditions.

youth mental health
Fort Worth, TX | $100,000
Recovery Resource Council – 2021

Funding for the Enduring Families Counseling Program, which serves veterans and their families.

youth mental health
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