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We work to alleviate conditions that are harmful to families or place children at risk.

The Foundation is working to alleviate conditions that are harmful to families or place children at risk of maltreatment by supporting organizations that provide prevention services, substitute care, and permanency options for children and youth.

The Foundation supports organizations that prevent child maltreatment. Through support for prevention services, The Foundation encourages healthy family functioning and resiliency of youth who have faced adverse experiences.

The Foundation seeks organizations that support children in substitute care and ensure that all children achieve permanency in home that is safe and healthy. For youth who have been maltreated and removed from their home, The Foundation supports organizations that provide those youth with effective support services and safe, therapeutic placements – especially those that can meet the needs of youth with high needs. The Foundation also supports organizations that fight to hold perpetrators of child abuse and neglect accountable.

The Foundation’s focus in child welfare is primarily:

  • Providing youth in substitute care with therapeutic placements and services
  • Building community capacity to care for youth who have been abused or neglected
grants made
million dollars granted
lives impacted annually
Dallas, TX | $3,500,000.00
Children’s Medical Center Foundation – 2019

Funding for the continued growth of The Rees-Jones Center for Foster Care Excellence as it achieves hope, health and healing for all children in foster care.

child welfare
Dallas, TX | $330,000.00
Family Compass – 2019

Funding to support evidence-based family visitation programming provided to families at risk of abuse or neglect.

child welfare
Fort Worth, TX | $4,300,000.00
ACH Child and Family Services – 2017

Multi-year funding to support foster care redesign in Region 3b, including buildout of the Training Center for Excellence and increased therapeutic placements for foster children.

child welfare
Fort Worth, TX | $200,000
Alliance for Children, Inc. – 2020

Funding for the clinical services program, which provides counseling services for victims of child abuse or neglect and their non-offending family members.

child welfare
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