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The Fight to End Human Trafficking



The Fight to End Human Trafficking, Modern-Day Slavery in India & Uganda

Modern-day slavery persists all around the world with victims of all ages, genders, and life circumstances. The Rees-Jones Foundation partners with three organizations that operate anti-trafficking and justice units in India and Uganda.

According to recent reports, there are approximately 8 million men, women, and children enslaved in India.


Justice Ventures International rescues individuals from bonded labor, sex trafficking, domestic servitude, and other forms of slavery by partnering with the public justice system and private justice organizations including churches, NGOs, and freedom businesses. The India Sustained Freedom Project prevents individuals from entering slavery, trains police and government agencies, and supports the healing process for those recovered from modern-day slavery.


International Justice Mission is the largest private organization committed to the issue of modern slavery and violence against the poor. IJM pursues this mission through legal casework, reforming and strengthening criminal justice systems, building local institutions to protect the poor and vulnerable, and providing aftercare to survivors. Since its founding in 1997, IJM has brought rescue and relief to more than 66,000 children, women and men around the world – including more than 23,000 individuals in India alone.


Human Trafficking Institute partners with the government of Uganda to vet and build specialized anti-trafficking units of police, prosecutors, and victim specialists whose job is to stop traffickers and bring them to justice. Human Trafficking Institute launched a five-year plan to reduce human trafficking in Uganda by 2024 with the long-term goal that the government of Uganda become self-sustaining in this work.

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