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Journey to Dream

Child Welfare


When asked, Ginger does not remember what she was doing a year ago, but admits that she has been in the foster care system for some time. Her most recent placement was in a mental hospital. When Ginger was due to be discharged from the hospital, she had an interview with a Kyle’s Place case worker. Ginger decided that the Kyle’s Place Transitional Living Program at Journey to Dream would be a good fit for her.

Ginger just recently turned eighteen years old, and has participated in Kyle’s Place programming for about six months.

“[Kyle’s Place] is a good program for me to get on my feet,” said Ginger. “I got a job, I have my own bank account, and I’m doing better in school.”

Before Ginger joined Kyle’s Place, her grade point average was 55.4, but her most recent report card shows a greatly improved average of 84.

Ginger went on to say, “Before Kyle’s Place I used to skip a lot of school due to bad influences around me. I get in less trouble now. I am getting good counseling, but my biggest achievement is my job.”

Ginger was down on herself after three places she interviewed with did not hire her. Ginger felt like she always answered questions wrong, and was hesitant about future interviews. With coaching, mock interviews, and encouragement from staff, Ginger persevered, and is thrilled to have a job.

“This past year has been different,” said Ginger. “I have stayed in school. I have been good, except for that one thing. I did not run away. In the past when things get hard or I have a loss, I think about running away. Now I don’t think about that.”

Ginger wants to finish high school, and become a dental hygienist or study cosmetology. She is spiritual and was recently baptized. She likes to walk, swing, play volleyball and other sports, and listen to music.

Ginger’s DFPS case worker recently shared that Kyle’s Place is the first placement that has actually worked with Ginger to help her explore her interests and get involved. The other placements simply met her basic needs.

When Ginger arrived at Kyle’s Place she was quite hesitant, but now she is dealing with life head on and succeeding.