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Genesis Expands Counseling Services

Youth Mental Health


Genesis Expands Services with New Children’s Trauma Counseling Center

The City of Dallas has a growing unmet need for free, non-residential, trauma-informed approaches that address the needs of children who experience domestic violence. The clinical counseling program at Genesis is the area’s largest comprehensive, evidence-based program that focuses solely on the trauma experienced by women and children living with domestic violence.

In recent years, Genesis has experienced an increased need for clinical counseling to address complex PTS and parent-attachment trauma; so much so that Genesis has run out of physical space to conduct counseling and office its clinical team.

In response, Genesis is planning a new non-residential facility that will allow it to expand its clinical team in order to serve more children and families. The new space will be twice the size of Genesis’ offices on Lemmon Avenue in Oak Lawn, and it will allow the organization to increase the number of nonresidential clients it serves each year from 3,700 to 7,500.

The second floor of the building will provide a trauma counseling center for mothers and children that will include a visitation camp — a first-of-its-kind program to provide counseling and play therapy before or after children go to stay with another parent.

The 28,600-square-foot building in the Medical District is expected to open in 2022, and will include a training institute, legal justice center and law library, children’s trauma counseling center and tech command center.

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