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Camp Sweeney Medical Facility

Disability Inclusion


Camp Sweeney to Build State-of-the-Art Medical Facility

Each summer Camp Sweeney welcomes approximately 400 North Texas campers ages four to 18. Unlike traditional sleep-away camp, Camp Sweeney is specially designed to serve children and youth diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Camp Sweeney offers the traditional camp experience, but it also provides campers with the education, tools and skills needed to live a balanced, healthy life.

Camp Sweeney’s existing medical facility was constructed in the early 1950s. Despite an expansion 20 years ago, the camp is still left with a cramped, poorly configured medical facility that is not capable of supporting the new technological devices that children use to monitor their blood glucose levels.

To ensure that campers receive state-of-the-art healthcare while at camp, Camp Sweeney has plans to build a new medical facility called Sweeney Medical Center. It will allow for improved inpatient care with more treatment rooms to better accommodate campers’ needs and will include a large master control center for necessary technology and medical staff.

The Rees-Jones Foundation provided Camp Sweeney with a grant for construction of the new medical facility.

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