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Alliance for Children Expands

Child Protection


Alliance for Children Expands to Serve More Children in North Texas

Child advocacy centers play a crucial role in the life of a child that has experienced abuse or neglect. At these centers, children and their non-offending family members receive supportive programming such as counseling or play therapy, and resources like clothing and food.

Alliance for Children is a child advocacy center that serves thousands of children annually at three locations in Tarrant County. Alliance for Children is unique in that it covers 28 local jurisdictions of law enforcement across multiple cities within Tarrant County alone.

Unfortunately, as Tarrant County continues to grow, so too do cases of abuse and neglect.

“Alliance for Children plays a critical role in helping children heal from their traumatic experiences,” said Chris Munson, Senior Program Officer at The Rees-Jones Foundation. “Alliance for Children is an excellent partner and it needs to expand its capability to serve children across a fast-growing county. I am confident in the organization’s ability to coordinate the response to serve every unique child who comes through its doors.”

The Rees-Jones Foundation awarded Alliance for Children $1,000,000 to complete its Rebuilding Lives Capital Campaign, which will enable Alliance for Children to renovate and expand its facilities to better serve children who have been subjected to abuse or neglect.

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