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Program Officer – Child Welfare
May 2, 2022

The Rees-Jones Foundation Now Hiring:

Position of Program Officer – Child Welfare

The Rees-Jones Foundation is a Dallas based private foundation. Its mission is simple; to serve God by serving others and in the process, enable others to experience the love of Christ in very tangible ways. We do this by supporting non-profit organizations working to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families in North Texas, and in international settings.

The Program Officer for Child Welfare Grants will maintain and advance The Rees-Jones Foundation’s child welfare portfolio providing strategic leadership in order to further the vision of our founders. This is achieved through the cultivation of meaningful relationships with non-profit partners and stakeholders working in the areas that address the concerns of children at risk of, or that are in substitute care.

The position is full-time and is based in Dallas, Texas. The Foundation seeks candidates for the position who have strong interest and experience in the work of nonprofit organizations serving children and families in North Texas.

Position Responsibilities

  1.  Consistently approach the grantmaking practice with creativity and with an intentionally strategic process.
  2. Follow and understand key trends and insights within the Foundation’s focus areas while keeping abreast of regional concerns where the grantmaking is focused.
  3. Maintain existing grant relationships, identify new partners, and engage with peers and expert stakeholders in relevant focus areas.
  4. Review and analyze submitted grant applications and facilitate an in-depth analysis of the projects and related financial materials presented.
  5. Develop through excellent written communication grant recommendation summaries of proposed grants to be reviewed by the Foundation board for approval. Visual presentation will also be required.
  6. Conduct pre and post-grant evaluations.
  7. Document communications and findings in the Foundation’s database system and in addition, maintain review correspondence, records and files relative to the proposals.
  8. Research and develop in-house reports or assist with Foundation initiated projects under the direction of the President and Vice President for Grants.
  9. Represent the Foundation at gatherings of potential or actual grantees or grantee groups for the purpose of communicating Foundation goodwill, convening stakeholders, peer groups, or serving as an informed representative of the philanthropic community. These activities may not always be during regular working days or hours.

Qualifications and Desirable Traits

Program Officers must be committed to the advancement of the philanthropic goals, interests and philosophy of The Rees-Jones Foundation and its founders, and be guided by these goals, interests and philosophy in their recommendations for prospective grants. As with all Foundation staff, a Program Officer must be of high moral character and exhibit sound judgment, particularly the ability to discern the appropriate response in challenging situations. Program Officers must represent the Foundation’s values, and exhibit respect, compassion and empathy to grant applicants, community stakeholders, government officials, and peer foundations.

  1.  A Bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement with a Master’s degree or advanced certifications in related fields as preferred.
  2. A minimum of five years of experience working in child welfare related fields or in child welfare non-profits, and having expertise or the ability to develop a high level of expertise in the focus area.
  3. Superior analytical and deductive reasoning aptitude, especially the ability to organize and interpret data and ability to translate learnings into excellent verbal and written communications.
  4. An understanding and knowledge of sound business practices and general knowledge of financial accounting principles.
  5. Superior ability to discern the appropriate action or response in situations involving human relationships and a special sensitivity to the needs of and ability to communicate well with people who are culturally, ethnically, racially, and economically diverse treating all with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  6. The capacity to accept confidential information with the willingness and ability to hold such information confidentially within the Foundation.
  7. Ability as a generalist to understand a wide variety of issues related to the Foundation’s program areas.
  8. Agility in data base navigation and general office software.

Interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter to The Rees-Jones Foundation here.

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