2020 Summary of Grants
September 23, 2021

2020 Summary of Grants: For the Least of These

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President’s Letter | T Hardie

2020, a year to forget! Or so we are tempted as we try to emerge from a year that brought disruption and inconvenience, at a minimum, but more commonly hardship, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, and even despair.

2020 was hard on so many levels, and the hardship of that year has now even rolled into 2021. We want what we remember was normal, but we are now becoming accustomed to the idea that normal is no longer definable. So, we are now resolved that we must learn from, and not forget, the experience of 2020.

Our teachers have been our partners who, in the face of extraordinary challenges, have found ways to continue to serve, making adjustments in their programs and the ways in which they deliver their services. In some cases, these adjustments have been discouraging and painful, but almost always, have been inspiring and beneficial, bringing relief and hope to so many.

As a Christian organization, we are committed to a life in community. Our work over the years has been with organizations serving in North Texas and around the world. Our partners and the people they serve comprise a broad community that includes rich diversity in skin color, ethnicity, language, physical and intellectual ability, economic circumstances, educational background, religious affiliation and political preference.

2020 helped us realize, again but with emphasis, how blessed we at The Rees-Jones Foundation are and how much we have been given to steward and to use for the mutual flourishing of this broad community. Ringing in our ears are the words of our Lord, “whatever you did for one of the least of these . . . you did for me.” And so when He appeared in our midst in 2020, hungry, thirsty, sick, threatened, in need of basic goods and services such as clothing, diapers, computers and Wi-Fi access for virtual learning, we wanted to be there to share.

Our work is to enable others to serve those in need. We are humbled by them; by their energy and commitment and love for their individual neighbors.

2020 brought into the open disparities we had known to exist for many years but had not always been required to see; disparities in access to nutritious food, and to quality health care, and to the basic tools of education. 2020 highlighted the inability of many in our midst to withstand the economic shock of job loss and the physical and mental strain of housing instability and risk of homelessness and then the vulnerability of many to disease and death. These were all on display in 2020.

Throughout all of this we observed, and continue to observe today, how creative, resilient, determined, loving, brave and compassionate our partners are in North Texas and around the world, always putting the interests of others ahead of their own and seeking the welfare of the communities in which they serve. Every partner looked at their respective challenges and stepped up, dropping old plans, adopting new ones, cutting costs where possible, finding new revenue sources, always sacrificing, never complaining, never quitting. This summary highlights some of them. In every case, their question always seemed to be, “what is needed and is there something we can do about it”.

And one last thing. We saw the presence of our Lord in the midst of it all. He doesn’t promise freedom from trials or suffering, but He does promise to be there, and we saw Him everywhere. The battle is not over, sadly, as 2021 continues to remind. But we are uplifted, encouraged, and strengthened in our resolve to continue serving Him through our partners who continue to serve those who bear His image and enjoy His love.

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Click here to view The Rees-Jones Foundation 2020 Summary of Grants | Click here to view the web version

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