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About the Foundation

Founded in 2006 by Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones, The Rees-Jones Foundation is a private foundation that works with non-profit organizations, primarily in North Texas, to serve others and improve their quality of life and life circumstances in tangible ways.

The vision of The Rees-Jones Foundation is that the love of Christ is experienced in tangible ways by those in our community who are disadvantaged or who are suffering spiritually, physically, or emotionally.

The mission of the Foundation is to serve God by serving others, sharing His resources in ways that provide opportunities for the disadvantaged, relief for the suffering, and encouragement in the growth and well-being of children and families in our community.

About the Foundation   |   Work of the Foundation   |   Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones   |   Impact   |   Staff

Work of the Foundation

The Foundation works to defend the welfare of children suffering from abuse or neglect, afford relief to those facing mental health challenges, provide youth with opportunities for enrichment and character development, encourage healthy families and communities, enhance the lives of children, youth, and families dealing with disabilities, and promote the humane treatment of companion animals.

The Foundation accomplishes its purpose primarily by partnering with the North Texas community of non-profit organizations through focused and relational philanthropy in the following areas of giving:

By invitation, the Foundation considers requests from Christian non-profit organizations working internationally in the Foundation’s areas of giving.

About the Foundation   |   Work of the Foundation   |   Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones   |   Impact   |   Staff

Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones

jtrj1After practicing oil and gas reorganization law, Trevor Rees-Jones entered the oil and gas business in 1984 as an independent involved in exploration and production. In 1994 he founded Chief Oil & Gas, which was an early operator in the development of the Barnett Shale field in North Texas and the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Jan and Trevor established The Rees-Jones Foundation in 2006 out of proceeds from an entrepreneurial business enterprise and a conviction that God had blessed them as custodians of His resources. For Jan and Trevor the premise of the Foundation is straight forward: serve God by serving others, and in the process enable others to experience the love of Christ in very tangible ways.

Read the letter by Jan & Trevor

About the Foundation   |   Work of the Foundation   |   Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones   |   Impact   |   Staff


Between 2006 and 2016 The Rees-Jones Foundation has made more than 1,300 grants totaling exceeding $300 million. These grants have gone to non-profit organizations serving people in North Texas and internationally – benefiting more than 2 million individuals.In North Texas, the Foundation has granted upwards of $76 million toward child welfare, supporting organizations that serve children and youth who have been abused or neglected. These organizations work to stabilize families experiencing crisis, or find permanent homes for children and youth who cannot remain with their original family. The Foundation is particularly invested in trauma-informed care and integrated health care for victims of maltreatment.The Foundation is growing an international portfolio of giving that is focused on meeting people’s tangible needs. To date, these gifts have enabled Ethiopian children afflicted with clubfoot to walk again, clean water to be more easily accessible to communities in Uganda, bonded laborers in India to have a new life of freedom, and more. See what we fund.

Dollars Granted by Area of Giving (cumulative)

Cumulative Grants Paid

About the Foundation   |   Work of the Foundation   |   Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones   |   Impact   |   Staff


Thornton Hardie, President
Cissy Moses, Director of Finance and Treasurer
Peter Collins, Chief Investment Officer
Terese Stevenson, Vice President, Grants
Lynn Gibson, Senior Program Officer
Chris Munson, Senior Program Officer
Amy Rembert, Program Officer
Jenny Rees-Jones, Program Officer
Margaret Rees-Jones, Program Associate
Adrian Cook, Director of Research and Evaluations
Allyson Carpenter, Research Associate
Amy Brooks, Grants Administrator
Sarah Perkins, Administrative Assistant